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6th Grade students must have TDAP in order to begin 7th grade. Proof must be provided to Records Office at Cope Middle School.
The Redlands High School Counselors want to encourage all our future parents and guardians to attend our annual 8th into 9th Grade Parent Night on Monday, April 10 at 6:00 p.m. in Clock Auditorium on the RHS campus. Topics to be covered included graduation requirements, registration forms, honors programs, summer school, student activities, and academic policies.á The High School asks that you download and print the registration documents.
English 7
Instructor: Ms. Garland   
Consumerism Power Point Research Project
On Monday, April 10th, I introduced the consumerism performance task writing project, and we summarized the main ideas and subtopics of each selection we read about consumerism. Students will select three research questions on Tuesday and begin developing each idea by identifying two supporting subtopics; each subtopic will be supported by text evidence and elaboration or further explanation. Please see the report directions for further details.

The Plan
Monday-review topic
Tuesday- select and record research main idea topics and subtopics
Wednesday- select supporting evidence, parenthetically cite, and elaborate
Thursday- Set up Power Point slides; label each slide; Complete content slides
Friday - Complete Works Cited Slide, Introductory Slides and Closing Slides

Due dates may be adjusted as needed. Students will need to work at home and school to complete the project. Notes can be completed at home; all text material is available on returned handouts or through HRW-the online textbook.
Performance Writing Task 4 - Persuasive Speech on Minimum Wage
Handouts and research resources are available in the Minimum Wage folder below the announcement section.

All student will have to speak on the topic before their class of peers. It is best if they have a speech prepared and can draw from at least three sources for their reasons and evidence. Otherwise, they will speak on what they have learned about the issue from reading the New York Times Upfront article included in their packet.

NOTE: Students who do not present by Thursday during class will not be able to present their speech late and will incur a loss of two grades on their speech presentation score. No late passes can be used for oral presentations. Only students who were absent Wednesday and Thursday will be allow to present their speech for credit.
Medieval Times Field Trip
Permission slips for this 7th grade trip have already been collected. If you plan to go and you have not yet turned in your permission slip, you need to turn in the form A.S.A.P. in order to attend. We are asking for a $45.00 CASH donation from each student.We are looking forward to a great time!
District-wide Written Assessment for 7th ELA February 6-7
A district-wide writing assessment will take place in your child's English class on Monday, February 6th and Tuesday, February 7th.
Quarter 3 ROAR Book Report and Log due Wednesday, March 8th
You may select a book of any genre (biography, autobiography, fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, etc.) The ROAR log and details on the book report response will be provided before then end of January.

***In the parent letter it stated that the ROAR 3 needed to be a historical fiction book-this is no longer required.
Semester 2 Late Work Policy
Students will be given four GREEN any excuse passes for second semester. These are good for one extra day to complete an assignment without a grade reduction. Assignments turned in late without a pass will be scored accordingly:

Late 1 day = 10% reduction
Late 2 days = 20% reduction
Late 3 days = 30% reduction
Late 4 days = 40% reduction

One pass is worth +10% so if a student turns in an assignment 2 days late they can attach two passes to remove the 20% reduction that would have incurred.

If the assignment is "very late", five or more days late, the student will ONLY earn
50% of the total points possible IF the assignment was completed with a passing effort. The assignment will not be graded, nor will I provide additional handouts or copies of the assignment after the first week it is due. However, there are often additional copies available at the back table. NO MORE THAN 4 "very late" assignments will be accepted per semester.

The last day to submit late work is the week prior to the end of a quarter or a semester grade reporting. Please check parent portal on a regular basis. Print outs of grade reports can be requested at any time as needed.

This late policy is modified from the one in the August 2016 parent letter . It is a very generous policy. It is in place because I feel a "no late work accepted" policy is a policy that encourages students to avoid doing work. Students do not favor this late policy because they realize they still can be held accountable for completing the work. I generally do not offer extra credit assignments to students who have missing assignments. It is important that they complete the work the was assigned.

Thank you for your support and for helping your child as needed.

Discussion Topics

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